A simple yet powerful diode laser to energize the practice.

After having carried out installation and system preparation (see user manual) you can start up the device by the following actions:

  • Verify the correct power cable has been connected
  • Activate using the main switch on the rear of the machine

The system shows a start up screen with the Simpler logo And then the opportunity to select the desired language:

Note: the start message may be different of this one and may be modify by manufacturer without notification.

Press a key (select language) to go on.

After language selection, the system asks for an access code. Fill in the form at the right in this page with your details, Email (where you want to receive the code), unit serial number and click on submit. After few seconds, an automatic email will be sent from our center with the installation code.

Insert the access code. After having inserted the correct password the system will check and calibrate in automatic all the functions.

NB: The access password can be changed at any time by using the appropriate function from the menu

After system start up the system will go to the STAND-BY mode and the main screen will then appear.

Further information in the user manual enclosed in the package


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